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535 Fairway Dr Ste. 127


(630) 428-3937


We value our patients' experience at Soleil Eye Care. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Soleil Eye Care.

Dr. Frank Vergara

  • "I love this place! The staff and the doctor are very personable and attentive. They have a wide variety of glasses from which to choose and their help picking one out was immeasurable! Cleanliness and customer service mean a lot to me and this place is top notch!"
    Annie M.
  • "Overall it's nice. The staff helped me go over my insurance, a voucher I found on Groupon, and their promotion this month. Eventually I went with their promotion, which was $247 off the lenses. However when I was making the choice on the quality of the lenses, the staff might have exaggerated on the thickness of the so-called "best lens" and he successfully convinced me to get the "premium lens"."
    Frank L.
  • "Highly recommend this place, beautiful glasses, and Dr. Vergara was remarkably kind. It is also a very clean place, which is very important to me. They have a lot of neat glasses so it's extremely possible and easy for anyone to find their style! The staff was also very friendly, approachable, and wonderful to be around."
    Claritza G.
  • "This is an awesome place. Great customer service. Clean and nice facility. Wouldn't get my eye care anywhere else!"
    Anet F.
  • "Was told to go here by a friend and I was not disappointed! The doctor was great along with the rest of the staff being very kind, helpful, and approachable. Finding the right pair of glasses has never been a quick process for me but Soliel made the experience quick and easy. Absolutely recommend!!!"
    Leigh B.

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